Signs of Effective Electrical Stun in Hogs


Signs of an effective stun (insensible animal):

· Blank stare or glassy looking eyes, no natural blinking  (Note: Uncoordinated seizure blinking may be present as well as a mild corneal reflex, even when the stun is acceptable and the pig is insensible)

 · Animal is not breathing

 · Tongue may be hanging out, loose and floppy

 · Muscle movements are uncoordinated


· Floppy head (after hanging and bleeding)

 Signs of an ineffective stun (animal showing signs of return to sensibility or sensibility):

· Natural blinking (as though out in a field)

· Eye tracking or conscious eye movement

 · Rhythmic breathing

· Righting reflex (animal attempts to right itself, lifts head, coordinated movements)

 · Vocalization

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