TBG 100 Hog Stunner Evaluation



Three hogs were stunned using the TBG 100 Hog Stunner. The stunner has three different programs:


1.   1.3 amps and 220 volts


2.   1.6 amps and 250 volts


3.   2.0 amps and 300 volts


Live hog weights were not readily available.  Based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, program #3 was selected.  The manufacturer recommends this setting for hogs ranging in live weight from 110 to 770 pounds.  The hot carcass weights were 256, 233 and 233 pounds respectively.  Using a 70% dressing percentage as an assumption, it is estimated the live weights of the hogs were 365, 332 and 332 respectively.  This verified the proper program was selected for stunning.


The physical dimensions and characteristics of the tongs allow for both head to head and head to heart stunning.  For this equipment initiation, both head to head and head to heart technique was utilized.  The head to head stunning lasted for 8 seconds.  The head to heart stunning lasted for 4 seconds.  After stunning was complete leg movement was very minimal to nonexistent.  There were no signs of sensibility in any of the three animals.  The hogs were immediately bled.  Hot carcasses were evaluated for broken bones and intramuscular blood spots.  No broken bones or blood spots were found.  All three hearts looked normal and were intact.  After chilling, the three carcasses were fabricated and there were no blood spots or broken bones. 

Thirty five hogs were harvested on the next day of hog slaughter with the same results.


Conclusion: When used following the manufacturer’s recommendations, the TBG 100 Hog Stunner results in no animal welfare issues, maximizes production efficiency and does not compromise meat quality.