humane handling

Humane Handling

FSIS currently has a zero tolerance policy on stunning of animals at slaughter.  One "miss" regarding stunning and a plant can be shut down immediately.  I have the expertise to demonstrate proper handling of animals prior to and at stunning to satisfy FSIS, humanely slaughter animals resulting in no pain and maximize profitability through increased meat quality.  Additionally, I can write and implement a Humane Handling Program.  A properly implemented and maintained Humane Handling Program can help prevent the issuance of a Notice of Suspension (NOS) by FSIS in case of a "miss" stun.


food defense

Food Defense and International Experience

I spent time in Peru and Thailand as a consultant working for the USDA FOREIGN AGRICULTURAL SERVICE (FAS) auditing  food facilities, instructing them in the principles of Food Defense and writing the Food Defense Programs for three plants in each country.  This was done in conjunction with U.S. embassy personnel and representatives of the host country academia.


Program Development

I have the knowledge and experience to write and implement HACCP plans, pre-requisite programs and export verification programs

Process Development

       New processes expand a company's product line creating marketing and sales opportunities that fulfill demands that cannot be currently met or propel your line into new marketplaces .


product development

Product Development

This can include a new product needed to secure a new customer or to expand sales.  Maybe it is a current product or product line that needs modification or troubleshooting.  This can also include process development to become more efficient or product improvement.  My first job out of college was working for Eckrich in New Product Development.  I have developed and implemented new products not only for my own operation but countless clients.


Problem Solving

Do you have a finished product that is no longer meeting the company's or customer's expectations?  Experiencing poor processing yield?  Suffering from high bacterial count on equipment?  Issues with regulators?  Assistance in these areas and more can be provided.


meat plant design

Plant Design 

I have designed and facilitated the construction of three medium size USDA plants.

natural meat, organic meat

Organic Processing

Expertise to develop organic products and processes to be labeled ORGANIC can be provided.


meat processing equipment selection

Meat Processing Equipment Selection

Assistance is provided so the most efficient equipment is selected at a competitive cost enabling you a return on investment in a reasonable timeframe.


seafood haccp

Seafood HACCP

Assistance is here to write and modify Seafood HACCP programs to satisfy not only the FDA but the Department of Commerce


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