electric hog stunner, constant amperage hog stunner


The TBG series of Hog Stunners effectively stun sheep, market hogs and large hogs.  The TBG 100 and TBG 200 stunners are also effective in stunning emu and ostrich.  This is achieved through the use of three (3) different programs.  There is Constant amperage with each of the three programs to assure proper application depending on the size of the animal.  If the amperage falls below 1.3  (the minimum need for adequate electrical stunning) there is both a visual and acoustical indicator.  With proper amperage application animal welfare standards are met, production efficiency is maintained and meat quality is achieved (no blood spots or broken bones).  This is due to the initial rapid rise in amperage and the fact that it is a constant amperage stunner as opposed to a voltage regulated stunner.  


Here is how to operate the stunner

Available in 220 volt electrical input to stunner


Choice of Stunning Tongs

  • Standard - for hogs 30 to 650 pounds
  • Piglets     - for pigs up to  30 pounds
  • Sows and Boars - greater than 650 pounds

Below is a video of the TBG 100 Stunner in action illustrating the head to head and head to heart technique.

Stunning Tongs

The stunning tongs are designed for easy application of head to head stunning in addition to head to heart stunning.  This is commonly referred to as two phase stunning.  Contactors on the stunning tongs are not energized until both are firmly applied to the animal.  This prevents "hot wanding" which is a known cause of "blood splash."  Furthermore, the contactors are designed to prevent sliding on the hog when the tongs are energized.  Sliding is another cause of "blood splash."


The TBG 100 stunner has a timer that is acoustical and also illuminates after four seconds.  Electricity continues to be applied to the animal as long as contact is being made.  According to Vogel, et.al. (2014), a minimum of three seconds is needed to induce unconsciousness on the head to head stunning phase.  

Meets Animal Welfare Approved Electrical Stunning Standards

The three programs for the Hubert Haas stunner are:


Program 1 (sheep and goats)             1.3 amps  220 volts


Program 2 (pigs up to 110 lbs)           1.6 amps  250 volts


Program 3 (hogs 110 to 770 lbs)        2.0 amps  300 volts