5.4 Use of electrical stunning

Electrical stunning encompasses three methods. Head only stunning, head-to-back stunning and stunning in two cycles; first across the head and secondly across the chest.

5.4.1   Electrical stunning must provide a strong enough current and be in contact with the animal for long enough so that it is immediately unconscious. A minimum of 1.25 Amps must be passed through the brain to stun pigs A minimum of 1.00 Amps must be passed through the brain to stun sheep

5.4.2   Electrodes must be placed to span the brain of the animal.

5.4.3   Persons using electricity to stun animals must be trained in safe handling and proper stunning placement based on the species being stunned.

5.4.4    Stunning equipment must only be used on the species that the manufacturer recommends and which it is designed for.

5.4.5    Recommended Stun settings and voltages should be recorded when electrical stunning is in use.

5.4.6    Recommended Head followed by heart stunning which will kill rather than stun the animal should be used instead of head only stunning.