Meat Cured Color · 01. June 2020
Basics on the Development of Cured Meat Color
Meat pH · 05. April 2020
This article explains the importance of the pH in meat. pH affects carcass characteristics and functionality of meat during further processing.
Dry Meat Curing · 15. March 2020
Dry Meat Curing basics including some simple formulas and suggested procedures
10. August 2017
Replacing Sodium Nitrate and Nitrite in Traditionally Cured Meat Products
25. July 2017
Discussion Details of Constant Amperage Hog and Sheep Stunning
10. July 2017
Knowing the signs of insensibility when stunning hogs is an invaluable tool to ensure humane handling
03. July 2017
Explanation of Dry Bulb, Wet Bulb and Humidity
26. June 2017
A review of the options available for hog stunning in small meat operations
01. May 2017
Here is a copy of my latest article written for Nutrispices, Ltd.
13. January 2017
I am often asked by small meat processors for advice on which smokehouse to buy. I try to stay away from recommending a specific brand. I do, however, pass on what I believe to be the attributes of a smokehouse or cooking oven that they should keep in mind during their decision making.

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