Euthanasia · 25. July 2023
Euthanasia of Swine and Lamb by Electrocution
Swine and Lamb euthanasia has advantages over the more popular captive bolt
Humane Handling · 07. October 2020
FSIS recently published an updated directive regarding Humane Handling and Slaughter of Livestock. It listed various acts considered to egregious inhumane treatment.
Carbon Dioxide Stunning · 24. August 2020
Animal welfare issues with carbon dioxide stunning are discussed
Meat Cured Color · 01. June 2020
Basics on the Development of Cured Meat Color
Meat pH · 05. April 2020
This article explains the importance of the pH in meat. pH affects carcass characteristics and functionality of meat during further processing.
Dry Meat Curing · 15. March 2020
Dry Meat Curing basics including some simple formulas and suggested procedures
10. August 2017
Replacing Sodium Nitrate and Nitrite in Traditionally Cured Meat Products
25. July 2017
Discussion Details of Constant Amperage Hog and Sheep Stunning
10. July 2017
Knowing the signs of insensibility when stunning hogs is an invaluable tool to ensure humane handling
03. July 2017
Explanation of Dry Bulb, Wet Bulb and Humidity

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