electric hog stunner




Far Superior to Voltage Regulated Stunners


The stunner includes:


·         Stunner Box with cord to power supply

·         Stunner Tongs with cord

·         Bracket for hanging stunner box on wall

·         Hanger for tongs when not in use

·         Manual with maintenance instructions and parts list

·         Operating Instructions

·         Safety Instructions


The TBG 100 and 200 are constant amperage stunners.  Other electric stunners, where you can only adjust the voltage, leads to variation in amperage during stunning of the animals due to:

  •   Variation in fat thickness
  •   Weight
  •   Access to Water Prior to Stunning
  •   Variation in wetness of the Skin
  •   Mineral Content of Water on the Skin
  •   Wool or Hair Coat Length
  •   Skin Thickness
  •   Age
Constant amperage stunners minimize or eliminate broken bones and blood spots.  The TBG tongs (unlike spurs) allow for both head to head stunning and head to heart stunning which results in little or no leg kicking and allows for more time allowance for shackling and hoisting.  When you encounter an aggressive animal, tongs also are easier to work with.  TBG tongs also work well with stunning sheep because they allow for proper placement on the head.

The power supply needed to the stunner is 220 volts, 10 amp, 60 HZ.

Stunners utilizing 110 volts power supply are also available.