Euthanasia of Swine and Lamb by Electrocution

Euthanasia is sometimes necessary whether it be at the farm level or at the slaughter house.  Reasons can be disease or downed and distress animals.  The most popular method of euthanasia is either the use of captive bolt or firearm.  A method that is gaining in use and popularity is the method of electrocution.  Hubert Haas is a manufacurer of a commerical stunner that electocutes lamb and swine.  The model is the TBG 96/N.  Electrocution has several advantages.  The most significant it is humane.  Other advantages include:

  • applicable across all weight ranges of swine and sheep
  • after expense of initial purchase, ongoing cost and maintenance is low
  • With the TBG 96/N the heart stops beating in less than 2 seconds as opposed to captive bolt which may be up to 10 minutes
  • Accuracy is not as critical as with the captive bolt
  • With the TBG 96/N there is no leg paddling or thrashing; much safer from that standpoint.
  • TBG 96/N has different amps and voltage settings for different size animals
  • TBG 96/N has different stunning tong sizes for different size animals

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