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Skills Summary


HACCP Alliance Certified Instructor                                   Regulatory Compliance

Food Defense Expertise                                                       Scientific Education/Background    

Project Management                                                            Marketing and Sales

Organic Processing                                    Natural Processing

International Experience                            Auditing                             

Quality Assurance                                                                   Customer Service

Humane Handling                                                                   Professional Presentation

Leadership                                                                                Cost  Analysis



    ·         Food Technologist in the corporate environment, including new product development, process development, troubleshooting, maintain vendor approval list and participated in internal audits


·         Started, managed for 24 years and sold a successful corporation (USDA inspected) in the meat industry


·         Consultant for USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service International Project for APEC in Peru and Thailand including presentations, workshops and private consulting


Business and Fiscal Management


·         Managed sales, marketing and company growth


·         Established positive customer expectations and relationships


·         Budgeted, planned and managed financial obligations, including all aspects of accounting and bookkeeping


Problem Solving


·         Ability to face challenges in the daily operations of a business, including identifying the problems, prioritize the potential solutions, determine the available resources and solve the problems


·         Ability to integrate new regulations into the business with a positive and pro-active approach


Employee Management


·         Ability to communicate the expectations, explain the task to be performed, the accuracy and timeliness of performance


·         Manage human resources




·         President of the Ohio Association of Meat Processors


·         President of the American Association of Meat Processors


·         Appointed to the USDA National Advisory Committee on Meat and Poultry Inspection by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture for 3 -2 year terms reaching the 6-year limit


Presentation Skills


2004 Food Safety Summit, Washington DC – 2 Presentations


2008 USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum – 1 Presentation


Scientific Education and Background, The Ohio State University


·         Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture, 1976


·         Master’s of Science in Animal Science specializing in Meat Processing, 1978


·         Extensive scientific courses in both the bachelor and master’s degrees


·         Continuing education in the food industry with multiple courses and workshops


Employment Experience


2008-present     Food Consultant


1.       Consult with food establishments for food safety, food defense, USDA regulatory compliance, process development, production management, sales and marketing

2.       Designed and supervised the building and startup of three USDA meat processing facilities


 3.      Worked with USDA Foreign Agricultural Service for APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Community) food defense projects


1984-2008            Schad Meats, Inc., Cincinnati, OH 45225, President


1.       Started and managed a successful business that sustained growth and profitability for 24 years


2.       Sold established business in 2008 that is currently operating successfully


1978-1984            Peter Eckrich & Sons, Ft. Wayne, IN, Food Technologist


1.       New product and process development


2.       Troubleshooting


Computer Skill


MS Word                             MS Excel                              MS Powerpoint                                Quickbooks